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What Are Good Running Shoes

What are good running shoes – Shirt, shorts and running shoes are all you need to hit the pavement. Running doesn’t require a lot of equipment or money. But what you shouldn’t save on is a good pair of running shoes. They often make the difference between enjoying running and hating it.

Running expert Sascha Wingenfeld stressed the important role your shoes play: “Your shoes carry you for hundreds of kilometers through your training. That’s why it is important that your shoe cushions the impact on your body and reduces the stress on your joints and connective tissue.”

1. Good Running Shoes – Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4

Good Running Shoes

The Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4 offers a nice responsive ride in a very well-cushioned environment for the feet at an unbeatable price. Look-wise, it is sleek and stylish and comes in very ‘decent’ colors. It is a neutral running shoe most suitable for runners looking for high comfortability and great durability in a shoe.

2. Good Running Shoes – Altra Escalante Racer

What Are Good Running Shoes

The Altra Escalante Racer is a high-performance running shoe designed for neutral runners. The shoe has gained overwhelming positive feedback from its users. Positive comments surround the shoe’s performance, design, comfort, and fit. Though there are a few who expressed disagreements, they are not significant enough to outshine the positive comments. In summary, the Escalante Racer is indeed a successful release.

3. Good Running Shoes – Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8

What Are Good Running Shoes

Adidas stuffed the Supernova Glide Boost 8 with some of its best technologies from top to bottom. The quality and performance of this shoe really worked well for runners. They have perceived it to be very responsive to their movements. Many pointed out that they highly recommend this neutral road shoe for those who want to have a great running experience.

4. Good Running Shoes – Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14

What Are Good Running Shoes

The Nike Air Zoom Vomero made some of the purchasers pleased and satisfied because of its excellent cushioning. They appreciated the shoe’s performance in different outdoor activities. Although one of them has a problem with the zoom tech that was poking through the sole, others still recommend the running shoe because of the comfort it provides during the running session. In general, the wearers the Nike Zoom Vomero gained the appreciation of the wearers because of its versatility.

5. Good Running Shoes – Xero Shoes Prio

What Are Good Running Shoes

If the only quality wearers need in a shoe is a spacious toe box, they will not be disappointed getting the Prio. The good news is, the running shoe offers so much more than forefoot space. Indeed, among other things, it also provides tons of comfort in its superbly lightweight confines. That said, the shoe might not live up to the expectations of runners who value sizing precision in their gear. All in all, the Xero Shoes Prio delivers a promising performance—especially once its confusing fit has been successfully worked out.

6. Good Running Shoes – Saucony Kinvara 10

What Are Good Running Shoes

A generally positive response was afforded the Kinvara 10 from Saucony. This neutral running shoe was apparently versatile enough to handle many types of activities, with its midsole and upper gaining appreciation for being highly reactive to the shape and movement capacity of the foot. The lightweight configuration and playful colorways were also praised. On the other hand, some people complained about the dirt-magnet nature of the upper, as well as a slightly noticeable weight that countered its supposed lightweight structure.

7. Good Running Shoes – Hoka One One Torrent

What Are Good Running Shoes

The Hoka One One Torrent is a neutral trail running shoe with responsive cushioning. The shoe was mostly well-received by its purchasers because of its comfort, lightweight construction, traction, and overall performance. The minor issues on heel slippage and missing rock plate are not enough to overshadow the positive feedback. Overall, the Torrent is indeed a successful release.

8. Good Running Shoes – Salomon Sonic RA Max

What Are Good Running Shoes

Designed for daily training, the Salomon Sonic RA Max provided each runner a good combination of cushioning, comfort, and stability. This road running shoe had gained positive reviews from several users while a few others are unhappy with its durability. Nevertheless, the Sonic RA Max is still a good option for runners who are looking for a reliable stability shoe.

9. Good Running Shoes – Altra Escalante 1.5

What Are Good Running Shoes

The majority of the testers admired the shoe’s performance in jogging and walking activities. They noted how the shoe was comfortable to the foot especially when in motion. Though one of the buyers was not satisfied because of the fitting, others still recommend the footwear because of its design and color combination. Overall, the shoe was accepted by many because of its sizing, style, and performance. The Altra Escalante 1.5 is an excellent option for those who are looking for a comfortable and well-cushioned running shoe.

10. Good Running Shoes – New Balance 880 v8

What Are Good Running Shoes

People were mostly happy with the New Balance 880 v8. They liked this road shoe’s wide toe-box design, its comfortable underfoot cushioning, and the appealing colorways. But some weren’t as enthusiastic about it because they claimed that it was half-a-size too small. Overall, this neutral pronator’s companion is considered to be a welcome addition to New Balance’s stable of athletic footwear.

What Are Good Running Shoes

The heavier the runner, the more wear and tear on the shoe. Sounds logical, and it is! “When you consider that the impact of each foot strike is equal to up to five times your body weight, then it is not surprising that all those kilometers start to take their toll on your shoes. This means heavier runners will put more material stress on their shoes than lighter ones,” said the running expert.

Your run training is not the only thing that ages your running shoes; the weather and oxidation also play their part. Over time the cushioning and stability features will grow weaker even if you don’t use your shoes. Like the tires on your car, the materials of the sole will harden and no longer provide maximum support.

A dynamic, light-footed and fast running technique, where the foot only makes brief contact with the ground, puts less stress on your shoes. If the runner’s form is rather awkward and undynamic, he or she will pound the ground with his or her entire body weight.

This puts a lot of additional strain on the material of the shoes and makes them age faster. Sascha’s advice: “This is why you should be aware of your running form and look for a shoe model that matches your gait.” The surface you run on also influences the wear and tear on your running shoes.

If the shoes are mainly used on asphalt, the tread and the cushioning system will be worn down. If, on the other hand, you run on soft, springy forest trails, there won’t be much sign of wear on your soles because the cushioning effect of the ground will soften the impact and relieve some of the stress on the shoe. “Nowadays you can find a model for every kind of surface.

The market offers the right shoe for every terrain from very light racing shoes for high speeds to sturdy trail shoes for off-road running. So you should know what kind of terrain you plan to run on when you go to buy your shoes,” Sascha pointed out.

Choosing the right shoe size

Choosing the right shoe size is also important for maintaining the full functionality of the shoe. Your foot expands as it makes contact with the ground due to the pressure of your body weight. If you choose a running shoe that is too small or fits exactly, you run the risk of stretching the seams.

This is why you should buy a running shoe one size bigger than your ordinary shoe. There should be a thumb’s width between the tip of your big toe and the seam of your shoe. Your foot needs this much space to roll without hitting the tip of your shoe.


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