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Top 10 Running Shoes for Heel Spurs

Running Shoes for Heel Spurs – Running is a high-impact exercise that puts significant stress on major joints such as your ankles, knees and hips. Sturdy running shoes that offer plenty of cushion and support and that fit your feet well are important for any runner. But if you’re running with heel spurs, you should take additional care in choosing the best running shoes to support your feet.

1.Running Shoes for Heel Spurs – Asics Gel Kayano 22

Those who needed stability and support were generally happy with the performance of the Asics Gel Kayano 22. A cloud-like underfoot experience was described by quite a number of testers. For them, it gave a solid time on the asphalt. But there are caveats associated with this, including an apparently narrow toe box, a flimsy inner lining, and a rather bland design.

2. Running Shoes for Heel Spurs – Saucony Guide 10

Overall, many runners agreed that the Saucony Guide 10 was a solid update to the long-running series of stability shoes. Many were pleased that the shoe has delivered an excellent performance that is consistent with the previous years. Although some had a negative reception with the updates—especially sizing—others argue that these are subtle and did not affect their running experience. They noted that the supportive mid-foot section reduced pronation tendencies, while the plush cushioning system offered reliable responsiveness.

3. Running Shoes for Heel Spurs – Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 has kept the established reputation of its predecessor by delivering a ride and performance that most users have praised. However, some may not have been impressed by the durability and design elements. Overall, this stability running shoe was approved by consumers as a motion-control option with features that work well for its function.

4. Running Shoes for Heel Spurs – Asics Gel Nimbus 18

The Asics Gel Nimbus 18 was enjoyed by a lot of runners. They recognized the strength of the Gel® Cushioning, the smoothness of the upper fabrics, and the quality performance that it generally gave them. But there were those who were disappointed because it felt tight and narrow, particularly in the forefoot area. Others wrote that the platform was stiff and unwieldy. Though there were polarizing comments, this road running shoe became popular among neutral runners.

5. Running Shoes for Heel Spurs – Asics GT 2000 5

The GT 2000 series is one of those shoes from Asics that has slowly but surely gained a solid following from runners who require a shoe that blends a well-cushioned run and a supportive ride. In the GT 2000 5, Asics continues this line’s tradition of excellent cushioning, superb arch support, with improved security in the midfoot and the heel. For heel strikers, the 10mm heel offset and the Gel Cushioning system combine to soften the impact with every strike.

6. Running Shoes for Heel Spurs – Hoka One One Bondi 5

Running Shoes for Heel Spurs

Hoka markets the Bondi 5 as its most cushioned runner, which is quite a feat in itself as the Hoka brand is known for its oversized cushioning. The latest version of this ultra-cushioned trainer has decent arch support, more room in the forefoot, excellent ventilation, and the added benefits of an extra wide option. While some loyal fans of the Bondi are hotly divided regarding the shoe’s performance, Hoka offered upgrades that have been generally well-accepted and welcomed by runners.

7. Running Shoes for Heel Spurs – New Balance 990 v4

Running Shoes for Heel Spurs

In general, the New Balance 990 v4 is a great stability shoe choice for a wide range of runners. And although the New Balance 990 v4 feels a bit awkwardly bulky to some users because of its design, it is still given praise for its excellent fit. This shoe is well suited for performance training, exercises and even just for your daily walks or trips to the shops.

8. Running Shoes for Heel Spurs – Brooks Ghost 9

Running Shoes for Heel Spurs

The Ghost 9 is sturdy, reliable, and versatile trainer that seamlessly provides the needs of runners looking for a tempo trainer or a well-cushioned version that can take on the poundings of a daily run. It has a superb arch support and quite responsive for a shoe with more than sufficient cushioning. The reasonable price tag is another reason to grab a pair of this very popular shoe from Brooks.

9. Running Shoes for Heel Spurs – New Balance 1340 v3

Running Shoes for Heel Spurs

Overall, the response for the New Balance 1340 v3 was mixed. While many runners enjoyed this stability shoe’s agreeable fit, comfortable platform, and easy-to-secure shoelaces, others criticized its build-quality and its weight. Some people also believed that the in-shoe experience was stiff. When it received praise, the 1340 v3 was painted in grace, but when it was panned, it seemed an entirely different shoe. Suffice it to say that to try it out first before purchasing would be a wise decision.

10. Running Shoes for Heel Spurs – Saucony Cohesion 10

Running Shoes for Heel Spurs

The Saucony Cohesion 10 is clearly a steal when one recognizes its value as a hard-nosed trainer or as a long-distance runner. While this lacks the best technologies from Saucony, it does offer a no-nonsense approach to those who require a moderately cushioned neutral shoe that does exactly and a bit more than expected. This lightweight running shoe is also perfect for those who are recreational runners, middle of the pack participants, entry-level runners and those who are budget conscious.


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