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Top 10 Narrow Running Shoes

Narrow running shoes – It seems like every shoe on the market advertises its “sock-like fit.” A snug fit is easy for runners with normal or wide feet, but a narrow foot can leave the same shoe flopping around like a flat tire.

And no, instructing runners to wear thick socks, tie the laces extra tight, or add a foam wedge is not the same thing as designing the best women’s running shoes for narrow feet.

Meanwhile your wide-footed friends are raving about their new shoes and asking if you can’t just get them in a narrow. People can be so cruel. Good luck finding narrow sizes online, let alone in a store. But based on survey responses from 11,000 runners, some shoes do get it right.

There are a lot of outstanding running shoes on this list, including a lot of light, responsive, fast shoes. So you can lace up a pair that fits your narrow feet like you were born in them and leave those insensitive clods in the dust.

1.Narrow Running Shoes – Brooks PureCadence 7

Top 10 Narrow Running Shoes

The Brooks PureCadence 7 is a stability running shoe that was recommended by the majority of the runners who have tried it. Many of them appreciated the feeling of lightness it provided on short and long-distance runs. Aside from the healthy individuals, users who have experienced knee pain and blisters with the previous models gave recognition to the shoes’ comfort, support, and responsiveness. Overall, the Brooks PureCadence 7 made a lot of users happy and satisfied because of its great-looking design and excellent performance.

2. Narrow Running Shoes – Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34

get Top 10 Narrow Running Shoes

On its 34th iteration, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus has kept most of the features of the previous version, only updating the features of the upper. Like its predecessors, the Pegasus 34 has a level of durability and comfort that provides an incredible support and allows great foot control. This version still employs the signature cushioning of the Pegasus line, which is great for road-running. With most users commending its improved flexibility and breathability, the Pegasus 34 is designed to impress neutral runners undertaking tough roads.

3. Narrow Running Shoes – Brooks Ghost 11

Narrow Running Shoes

Many users have found themselves considering buying the Brooks Ghost 11 for a second or third time, while others were very expressive of their satisfaction as they switched from a different shoe – that’s how great they believe it is. With many praises about the shoe’s features and functionality, it is no surprise that wearers would regard the Ghost 11 as one of the best running shoes on the market.

4. Narrow Running Shoes – Adidas Energy Boost 3

Many runners were able to get quality service from the Adidas Energy Boost 3. For them, it’s a reliable option for their running sessions. It looked appealing and it felt great for their feet. Inversely, some testers observed that the upper unit was a bit uncomfortable, and a few felt that the durability of the outsole left a lot to be desired. But this neutral road shoe generally performed well for the majority of consumers.

5. Narrow Running Shoes – Brooks Launch 6

The Brooks Launch 6 according to most users have lived up to the usual high quality and performance of its predecessors. The shoe is good neutral running shoe when it comes to fit, comfort, responsiveness, weight, and flexibility. Despite a few buyers having mentioned that the shoe is a bit heavier and slightly narrower than its predecessor, the negative comments does not overshadow the overall positive response that most runners have. In conclusion, Brooks Launch 6 is a shoe that is suitable for neutral runners looking for speed, cushion, and durability.

6. Narrow Running Shoes – Saucony Kinvara 10

A generally positive response was afforded the Kinvara 10 from Saucony. This neutral running shoe was apparently versatile enough to handle many types of activities, with its midsole and upper gaining appreciation for being highly reactive to the shape and movement capacity of the foot. The lightweight configuration and playful colorways were also praised. On the other hand, some people complained about the dirt-magnet nature of the upper, as well as a slightly noticeable weight that countered its supposed lightweight structure.

7. Narrow Running Shoes – New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4

The New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4 has made many runners contented and happy because of its impressive fit and width. Aside from its lightweight structure, the shoe also provides the right amount of support and comfort. While others have problems on the sliding insert and durability, others still lauded the shoe because of its excellent performance. Overall, the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4 is a good option for runners who are seeking a comfortable, supportive and versatile running shoe.

8. Narrow Running Shoes – New Balance Vazee Prism v2

The 2nd instalment of the Prism continues to provide the only stability option in New Balance’s Vazee collection of shoes. It is a shoe that still performs a little faster despite the added bulk. Additionally, it becomes a more viable option for those who require lightweight stability when running in half or full marathons. With a very reasonable price tag, the shoe is an excellent value for the money choice for many runners.

9. Narrow Running Shoes – Asics Gel-Nimbus 21

Majority of the users were welcoming and happy about the Asics Gel Nimbus 21. The shoe obtained a winning spot to many consumers because of its breathability, responsive cushioning, and impressive fit. Though the shoe is expensive, its comfort level and durability were more significant. Overall, the Nimbus 21 is indeed a successful update.

10. Narrow Running Shoes – Mizuno Wave Inspire 14

Top Narrow Running Shoes

Not a lot of complaints were listed on the Mizuno Wave Inspire 14. In fact, many people liked this iteration in the long-running series. They claimed that it shielded their feet, knees and back from discomfort. They also welcomed this stability shoe’s lightweight nature and trendy color schemes. There were complaints about the fit being too narrow, but they weren’t a lot of people who felt that way.

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