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Top 10 Low Drop Running Shoes

Low drop running shoes – Heel drop is the difference between the heel height and forefoot height. Shoes with heel drop of not more than 8mm are considered low drop running shoes. They are designed to encourage an efficient stride throughout the gait cycle best running shoes, low heel drop running shoes, low heel to toe drop running shoes.

Low drop running shoes have a less stride-controlling design. The shoes’ low heel-to-toe ramp angle allows the foot to move more naturally which will result in a more powerful and satisfying running experience.

Minimalist and barefoot shoes, with less than 4mm heel differential to account for, are typically running shoes. These shoes allow more ground contact, but with less impact and debris protection. They have lesser midsole cushioning, which results in a lighter platform with minimal structure.

However, not all low heel drop running shoes are minimalist there are some running shoes that offer maximum cushioning but the heel drop is less than 8mm. Hoka One One and Altra are some brands that manufacture well-cushioned running shoes with zero and low heel-to-toe drop.

1. Low drop running shoes – Altra Escalante Racer

Low Drop Running ShoesThe Altra Escalante Racer is a high-performance running shoe designed for neutral runners. The shoe has gained overwhelming positive feedback from its users. Positive comments surround the shoe’s performance, design, comfort, and fit. Though there are a few who expressed disagreements, they are not significant enough to outshine the positive comments. In summary, the Escalante Racer is indeed a successful release.

2. Running shoes – Hoka One One Torrent

Low Drop Running Shoes

The Hoka One One Torrent is a neutral trail running shoe with responsive cushioning. The shoe was mostly well-received by its purchasers because of its comfort, lightweight construction, traction, and overall performance. The minor issues on heel slippage and missing rock plate are not enough to overshadow the positive feedback. Overall, the Torrent is indeed a successful release.

3. Low drop running shoes – Hoka One One Clifton 1

Low Drop Running Shoes

The Hoka One One Clifton 1 managed to get high marks from runners. Many users positively accepted the shocking come back of the first ever Clifton running shoe. It received few criticisms, but the users believe there is still room for improvement for the Clifton 1. Overall, as a lot of people considered the Hoka One One Clifton 1 as the best Hoka running shoe of all time.

4. Running shoes – New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v3

Low Drop Running Shoes

The New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v3 was considered by most to be a reliable option to combat overpronation. Runners were happy with its stability mechanisms, the comfortable underfoot platform, the lightweight build, and the endearing looks. On the other hand, this road companion’s façade was deemed burly, but such a complaint wasn’t deal-breaking.

5. Low drop running shoes – Hoka One One Tracer 2

Low Drop Running Shoes

The Hoka One One Tracer 2 received positive feedback from most of those who have tested it. They liked this Hoka One One road running shoe’s performance, its versatility, and the effectiveness of its components. But there were those who had opposite experiences. For them, it did not live up to their expectation. Despite the complaints, the Tracer 2 was still a terrific neutral running companion for the majority.

6. Running shoes – Vivobarefoot Primus Lux

Low Drop Running Shoes

The Vivobarefoot Primus Lux was well-received by most of its purchasers. They felt that this shoe was able to provide functionality and style within the same package; the looks were lauded, and the components were deemed efficient. On the other hand, the sizing scheme and the fit profile were elements that were considered unbound to expectations.

7. Low drop running shoes – Merrell Trail Glove 4

Low Drop Running Shoes

Many claimed that the Merrell Trail Glove 4 is one of the most appealing shoes that a runner could ever have. A lot of testers admired the flexibility, slip resistance, construction and durability of the shoe. Trail Runners recommended the Merrell Trail Glove 4 because of its appealing and stylish look. They also commented that the shoe performed fairly well on short and long trail running sessions, with minimal pain at the start of wearing the shoe.

8. Running shoes – Altra Paradigm 4.0

Low Drop Running Shoes

The Altra Paradigm 4.0 has fruitfully satisfied its users by being an exceptional running shoe that has delivered all that it claimed to do. With many of its consumers noting functional improvements and reliable performance with the Paradigm 4.0, it could be said that the shoe is a worthy upgrade.

9. Low drop running shoes – Hoka One One Gaviota

Low Drop Running Shoes

As a new motion control shoe, the Hoka One One Gaviota worked well for those who wanted to have a mix of cushioning and support. For them, it looked appealing and it generally performed well. They felt that it was suitably able to provide reliable service in order to prevent overpronated foot motion. There were some complaints about its build-quality and construction, but it still gained more positive remarks.

10. Running shoes – Saucony Liberty ISO

Low Drop Running Shoes

The majority of the runners agreed that the Saucony Liberty ISO was comfortable and supportive. They were impressed with the product’s lightweight structure and perfect fit. Although several of them were disappointed with its high price and limited color options, others still recommended the shoe because of its responsiveness and sole durability. Some of them were also happy because of the product’s excellent upper construction.

What brands offer low drop running shoes?

There are several running shoe brands that offer low drop running shoes. These include brands like Hoke One One, Altra, Merrell, Saucony, and Salomon. Runners can find a wide variety of road and trail running shoes from these brands.

What is heel drop in a running shoe?

The term heel drop is also called as `heel-to-toe drop`, `heel offset` and `ramp angle`. It refers to the height difference between the heel and the forefoot. Heel drop ranges from 0mm to 12mm, but there are few running shoes that have heel drop measurements of more than 12mm. Running shoes with less than 8mm heel offset are considered as low drop shoes.

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