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Top 10 Flat Running Shoes

Flat running shoes – Racing flats, or simply flats, are lightweight athletic shoes designed for “long distance” track and field, cross country, and most often, road races. They differ from normal training shoes mainly by the lack of a substantial heel (hence the name).

Flats are more lightweight than regular running sneakers so they do not last as long. In 2014 some racing flats weighed as little as 3 oz (85 g) as companies competed to generate the lightest racing flat.[1] Their soles get worn down faster and therefore they have shorter natural lives. In 1977 Jim Fixx’s Onitsuka Tiger racing flats were seen on the front page of his book entitled “The Complete Book of Running”.

Racing flats have only small or no heel lift, and little padding or support. The heel lift of flats ranges from 4mm to 10mm which is closer to the heel lift seen in trainers. They allow a prepared athlete to use their natural foot strength, elasticity, and proprioception to run quickly.

A typical flat consists of a nearly flat sole, and a minimal upper to hold it onto the foot. Frequently the thin insole is glued in place to reduce movement and weight. The sole is constructed of two materials: a engineered lightweight foam upper sole attached to a hard rubber base. The uppers are often mesh so that moisture can escape, even on crosscountry variants.

Flat Running Shoes – Brooks Glycerin 17

Flat Running Shoes

Overwhelmingly positive feedback was given to the Brooks Glycerin 17. Those who have tried it were happy with its individual components and the overall quality of its entire existence. The luxurious underfoot experience, the agreeable in-shoe coverage, and the versatile construction were highlighted as the things that made this neutral shoe a great go-to runner.

The Glycerin 17 is designed for neutral pronators and those who desire versatile footwear for speed training, asphalt adventures and gym exercises.

Flat Running Shoes – New Balance 860 V9

Many people were happy with the New Balance 860 v9. This addition to the global roster of stability running shoes was apparently able to provide precise steadiness during the run. The breathable upper, the eye-catching aesthetics, and the accommodating width profiles similarly received praise. On the other hand, there were complaints about the irritating structure of the tongue, the lack of a toe cap, and the apparently narrow in-shoe experience.

Flat Running Shoes – Mizuno Wave Rider 22

Mizuno Flat Running Shoes

The Mizuno Wave Rider 22 was well-received. This update to the long-running series of neutral shoes was deemed worthy of the Rider name, mainly when it came to its general quality and efficacy on the roads. People loved the visual design, the agreeable fit profile, and the sturdy build of this footwear. Inversely, the sizing scheme was panned for being too small while the overlay system was criticized for pressing into the façade.

Flat Running Shoes – Asics Gel Kayano 26

Asics Flat Running Shoes

The Asics Gel Kayano 26 proves to be a successful update of a solid running shoe series. Most of the positive feedback is focused on the midsole’s cushioning quality and stability mechanisms, as well as the shoe’s durability and responsiveness. The criticisms tackle the too-tight toe box, the contrasting looseness of the overall fit, the apparently dull color schemes, and the easy-to-unravel shoelaces.

The shoe appears to be a worthy purchase for many despite its high price tag. Thus, overpronators and those who enjoy running on the roads would likely appreciate the Asics Gel Kayano 26.

Brooks Ghost 11

Brooks Flat Running Shoes

Many users have found themselves considering buying the Brooks Ghost 11 for a second or third time, while others were very expressive of their satisfaction as they switched from a different shoe – that’s how great they believe it is. With many praises about the shoe’s features and functionality, it is no surprise that wearers would regard the Ghost 11 as one of the best running shoes on the market.

Flat Running Shoes – Asics Gel-GT 2000 7

The GT 2000 has been a successful stability shoe model from Asics. The 7th version of the shoe generally gained positive reviews from users. Though some were disappointed because it is not as durable as expected, others are still happy to recommend the shoe. This shoe is great for overpronators who are also looking for comfort and breathability.

According to some users, the Asics GT 2000 7 is a very comfortable shoe. Some reviews mentioned that the offers a great level of arch support and stability. Many users admired the overall design and color options of the GT 2000 7.

Brooks Transcend 6

The overall response towards the Brooks Transcend 6 was positive. A lot of people really liked this stability running shoe. They stated that the underfoot experience was luxurious and supportive. Their pronation problems were apparently addressed quickly and efficiently. Moreover, a bevy of testers were happy with the looks, as well as the in-shoe experience. Inversely, several groups of runners were unhappy with the stifling upper unit while others lamented the smaller-than-usual sizing options.

Flat Running Shoes – Saucony Guide ISO 2

Saucony Flat Running Shoes

The Saucony Guide ISO 2 has plush cushioning with a great amount of stability. Though it received many satisfactory reviews, others could not help but compare it in favor of its predecessor. Most of the users admired the shoe’s design, durability, and stability features, but others found faults in its fit. Overall, the Guide ISO 2 is a comfortable shoe, but it still needs some improvements to achieve a completely praiseworthy performance.

Brooks Beast ’18

Flat Running Shoes

Many people were happy with the Brooks Beast 18. They embraced its comfortable construction, the stability mechanisms, the roomy toe-box, and the quality materials. For them, this road shoe was a step up from its predecessor, the year 2016 iteration. On the other hand, an isolated incident saw a person complain of the inefficient stability mechanisms as well as insubstantial cushioning. Also, some people thought negatively about its weight, colorways, and width profile.

Many people felt that the sizing scheme of the Brooks Beast 18 adhered to their expectations. Some consumers liked that the underfoot cushioning system of this running shoe alleviated any soreness to the ankles and leg.

Several testers considered the year 2018 version of the series to be more comfortable than the Brooks 16.
The stability features were welcomed by overpronators who wanted to be fully steady throughout their running sessions.

Flat Running Shoes – New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V4

The fourth edition of the New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo continues to be a favorite among stability shoe wearers. This shoe received positive comments about its comfort level, durability, and fantastic performance. On the other hand, a few buyers were not sold on the shoe’s weight and heel structure.

Overall, the Fresh Foam Vongo v4 has proven itself to be a fantastic running companion as users find it recommendable and reliable. Many users say the New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v4 is a comfortable shoe.
The shoe proves to help relieve certain discomforts, such as bunions and back pains, as told by some wearers.
Several buyers agree that the Fresh Foam Vongo v4 is sturdy and durable.

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