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Top 10 Brooks Running Shoes

The American based running company, Brooks Running Shoes, is one of the sports shoe manufacturers that have made a name in high performance running. Featuring a wide selection of men’s and women’s running shoes, apparel and other sports accessories, the brand continues its promise to meet the specific needs of runners and other professional athletes.

With over hundreds of branches in a total of 60 countries worldwide, Brooks maintains its competitive edge in the running industry. Despite the mixed feelings of love and hate on Brooks running shoes in running reviews, it is still a popular market driven company that focuses on design, performance and comfort in every pair.

There are a lot of Brooks running shoes that have gained quite a reputation among casual runners and professional athletes. Based on the shoe ratings, the highest contenders in the brand’s selection are the Brooks Cascadia and Brooks Beast. However, not all of their shoes are great for running, especially if you need more support as a flat footed or supinated runner. It is best to read reviews about Brooks running shoes, before purchasing a pair.

Brooks is still keeping up with the popular sports brands, but its shoe technologies get better every year. Its competitive edge is not just in the running industry, as the brand is also an active manufacturer of football, hockey and rugby shoes.

Brooks Running Shoes – Brooks Launch 5 Running Shoes

Brooks Running Shoes

The Brooks Launch 5 is a neutral running shoe that’s designed for the roads. It features a more vibrant design compared to its immediate predecessor, the Launch 4, which had a subdued look. Open pores can now be seen in the new version, acting as ventilation ports for in-shoe air circulation. The printed overlays are thinner than the ones in the previous iteration, but they still aim to assist the rest of the upper in providing a secure fit.

The midsole unit makes use of the regular components that are present in most of the brand’s stable of footwear. It has a full-length platform that’s made out of recycled materials, as well as an embedded insole for more cushioning and suppleness. Two types of rubber are placed in the outsole, and they work together to provide surface traction and protection against wear and tear. Brooks Launch 5 Running Shoes

Brooks Running Shoes – Brooks Ghost 11 Running Shoes

Brooks Running Shoes

The latest iteration of the Brooks Ghost 11 is a much softer and lighter shoe that promises a smoother ride than ever before. This neutral road-running shoe allows for an optimized foot flexibility beneath an exterior that is breathable and irritation-free. The updated engineered mesh upper provides a lightweight feel that is like a second skin. Now with improved components, the mesh is more structured and stretchable, which allows for a delicate and almost-invisible sensation.

The sole unit is comprised of BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft cushioning technologies that work together to deliver the sufficient level of softness, but not at the expense of responsiveness and durability. The DNA Loft is a new feature introduced in the Ghost 11; it is a crash pad that promotes softer landings. The midsole sits on a newly-designed outsole that presents a new lug pattern and an improved flexibility.

Brooks Running Shoes – Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 Running Shoes

Brooks Running Shoes

While it has become softer and lighter than its predecessor, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 still intends to provide the familiar experience, but with improved flexibility. This shoe was designed for runners who need additional arch support. It’s also made to be durable enough to use for daily road-running.

Now with a streamlined design, the upper is more focused on delivering a sustained form without the risk of irritation or restriction. A newly-designed heel cup that tilts forward keeps the heel locked in place.

The midsole is now less firm and more flexible to allow a smoother heel-to-toe transition. It still makes use of the BioMoGo DNA technology and the PDRB or Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar®, which work together in distributing support where needed while preventing overpronated foot motion.

Brooks Running Shoes – Brooks Glycerin 16 Running Shoes

Brooks Running Shoes

The 16th iteration of the Brooks Glycerin 16 gained overwhelming positive feedback from its users, with special notes on its responsive cushioning, stylish design, and overall fit. Many attested to its impressive performance, but others found the price a bit pricey. Overall, the Glycerin 16 is indeed a fantastic road shoe for neutral runners.

One of the significant updates on the Glycerin 16 is the midsole technology. The new DNA Loft midsole replaces the old Super DNA cushioning. The DNA Loft is specifically designed to deliver a more responsive and softer ride. The upper of the shoe has also gone through a significant update. It now uses a jacquard mesh material for breathability and the stretchy 3D Fit Print technology delivers enhanced fit.

Brooks Running Shoes – Brooks Addiction 13 Running Shoes

Brooks Running Shoes

The Brooks Addiction 13 has garnered mixed reviews from runners. While some were satisfied with the shoe’s performance, others thought it was not worth the price. Overall, many still found the Addiction 13 as a motion control shoe that they could recommend to peers.

The Brooks Addiction 13 is a road-running shoe that was developed for overpronators. It is part of a trusted running shoe series that efficiently delivers motion control features to consumers. With a set of synthetic overlays, the updated upper strives to be more comfortable and agreeable to natural movement, especially in the forefoot area.

The enhanced form of the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar® in the midsole now aims to deliver an increased amount of support for overpronators. With more flex grooves on the outsole, the foot is assured of more flexibility when moving.

Brooks Running Shoes – Brooks Anthem Running Shoes

Brooks Running Shoes

Run at your best every day with the underfoot comfort and reliable grip of the Anthem running shoe from Brooks®. Engineered mesh upper. Lace-up closure delivers a secure, adjustable fit. Brooks Anthem Running Shoes Designed to anatomically mimic the shape of the foot for an incredible fit. Comfort collar wraps around the heel and ankle for a super comfortable fit and feel. Smooth fabric lining creates a great wear inside of shoe.

A shoe for neutral pronators, the Brooks Anthem is ideal for road running, with its simple, no-nonsense design and overall construction. It falls under the brand’s Connect line, which includes shoes that are built to be lightweight and flexible to bring a natural running sensation.

It makes use of a lightweight and breathable upper that’s derived from Engineered Mesh. It provides a relaxed and customized fit by having an anatomical design that mimics the shape of the foot. With BioMoGo DNA, the midsole is designed to adapt to every step. It is supported by flex grooves to promote a natural movement, and by a rounded heel to minimize joint stress.


Brooks Running Shoes – Brooks PureCadence 7 Running Shoes

Brooks Running Shoes

The Brooks PureCadence 7 was recommended by the majority of the runners who have tried it. Many of them appreciated the feeling of lightness it provided on short and long-distance runs. Aside from the healthy individuals, users who have experienced knee pain and blisters with the previous models gave recognition to the shoes’ comfort, support, and responsiveness. Overall, the Brooks PureCadence 7 made a lot of users happy and satisfied because of its great-looking design and excellent performance.

The Brooks PureCadence 7 uses the Dual Toe Flex. It utilizes a toe split in the midsole and outsole area. This material aims to allow the big toe to function independently. Along with an internal bootie, an Anatomical last is integrated into the shoe to mimic the shape of the foot. The Woven Air upper delivers a light and breathable wrap to promote a more snug fit.

Brooks Running Shoes – Brooks Hyperion Running Shoes

Brooks Running Shoes

The Brooks Hyperion is a versatile running shoe that’s meant to function well on races and on regular running sessions. Its durable construction and flexible design allow it to deliver natural movement and responsive cushioning that lasts. Neutral runners are going to enjoy what this one has to offer.

Performance and comfort are part of the service of the Brooks Hyperion. Responsive cushioning and flexibility are achieved because of a bendable platform and soft upper fabrics. Even the outsole lends itself to the performance of the runner because it’s tuned to be springy, especially during the toe-off phase. It’s a reliable shoe for any activity.

The upper unit of this running shoe utilizes fabrics that are very breathable. Air is permitted to enter constantly in the shoe in order to keep the foot cool and dry. A seamless design allows the foot to be free from irritation, essentially making sockless wearing more agreeable to the runner.

Brooks Running Shoes – Brooks Levitate Running Shoes

Brooks Running Shoes

The Brooks Levitate was considered an endearing shoe by many runners because it was able to fulfill the promise of comfort and responsiveness. But some users were not impressed with the shoe’s outsole and hefty weight. Overall, the performance and ride offered by the shoe were well-received.

The Levitate is a new addition to Brooks’ road-running shoe line, with the brand spending seven years to develop its technology. This shoe was designed for neutral pronators. The structure of the shoe is durable enough to use for everyday running and lightweight enough to appeal to beginner runners who are after comfort.

The upper consists of 3D Fit Print and FitKnit, which work together to accommodate the foot as it moves and expands, thus resulting in a natural fit. DNA AMP is a brand-new cushioning system that promises a higher level of energy return – ‘infinite energy,’ to be exact. Meanwhile, the outsole delivers flexibility and a comfortable ride, allowing the runner to move from heel to toe quickly without losing energy.

Brooks Running Shoes – Brooks Neuro 3 Running Shoes

Brooks Running Shoes

The Brooks Neuro 3 was considered by its testers to be a worthy successor to the prior iteration in the relatively fresh series of road shoes. The underfoot cushioning and the lightweight nature of the materials were considered sources of comfort. The looks of this model were also given praise. And though some doubted the lasting power of the outsole, such comments didn’t become hindrances to the overall quality of this neutral running footwear.

The Brooks Neuro 3 boasts most of the features and technologies that graced its predecessor, the Neuro 2, but with a redesigned upper that’s more in tune with the aesthetics of the conventional athletic footwear. The forefoot section makes use of a securely woven mesh to heighten durability while an open-mesh design is used on the rear part.

The underfoot platform has a gearing mechanism, which means that it’s divided into two parts—the forefoot and heel. These two sections move independently during each stride, ensuring sequestered impact reception and smooth transitions. A visible propulsion plate made of TPU encourages the foot to push off the ground more efficiently.



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