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Tips For Running In The Rain

Tips For Running In The Rain – Running in the rain does not have to be completely miserable. As someone who has run through nearly all types of weather, I’m here to tell you that running in the rain can be fun! Below are my best tips to hopefully keep you happy and dry(er).

Tips For Running In The Rain – Dress in close-fitting clothing

Tips For Running In The Rain – This may sound counter-intuitive, but wearing loose, layered clothes will undoubtedly become soaked, heavy, and miserable. In my experience running in the rain, less is always best.

I typically choose spandex-y shorts and a fitted t-shirt or tank top. If I’m wearing anything more and the rain is persistent, I end up shedding layers and am forced to carry something sopping wet. Don’t carry something sopping wet.

Wear a hat or visor

If you only do one thing on this list, wear a brimmed hat or visor. The brim will keep water out of your face and make the run more comfortable – no one wants to run with rain splashing in their eyes!

Plan your route accordingly

Do you typically run on trails or over lots of elevation changes? Heavy rain and rushing water could turn your route into a waterslide (or mudslide!) When weather is particularly bad, choose a route on flat(er), paved roads, ideally away from bodies of water. Tips For Running In The Rain

Wear bright colours

To stay safe on the roads, pick gear with brighter colours and reflective strips. We’re all familiar with the dark clouds that roll over the city when it rains, and this makes it more difficult for drivers to see you. By wearing bright or neon colours, drivers have more visibility and will be able to see you coming.

Protect electronics

If you run with a phone or fancy music player, first consider leaving it at home when weather is bad. If this isn’t an option, throw electronics into a ziplock bag for extra protection. Water tends to find it’s way into everything when I’m running, so I try to run “naked” or without music. Don’t forget about your fancy GPS watch, too! If the product isn’t completely waterproof, leave it at home.

Wear a rain-resistant shell

If rain is misty or light, opt for a breathable, rain-resistant shell like this Oiselle Wallace Jacket or Brooks LSD Running Jacket. (Bonus: both jackets fold up into their own small pouches.) Remember, I wrote breathable and rain-RESISTANT, which means not waterproof. In misty showers, a light jacket will help keep you warm and dry. However, if the rain is in a downpour, most jackets are better left at home (re: don’t carry something sopping wet).

Apply bodyglide or vaseline

If you’re prone to chafing or blisters, and even if you’re not, it’s a good idea to apply bodyglide or vaseline to toes, legs, underarms, and any place that may become problematic. Rain traps moisture between your clothing and skin, which makes you more prone to chafing and blisters. Avoid the pain game, and lube up! Tips For Running In The Rain

Bring extra socks

If you can, carry an extra pair of socks with you – especially during a rainy race. A dry pair of socks will make a huge difference, and is more likely to prevent blisters. This is especially helpful if it stops raining mid-run. If it’s not too cold, thinner socks don’t absorb as much water and can help with comfort. Tips For Running In The Rain

Be extra cautious

Rain makes the roads extra slippery, so it’s important to make sure your shoes have enough grip to prevent slipping. Take smaller and quicker steps, and pay attention to your footing to try to avoid as many large puddles as you can. Your modified strides reduce the amount of time you spend on the wet surfaces, which decreases your risk of slipping. Tips For Running In The Rain

Feel the fear and do it anyway – the best part about running in the rain is running in the rain! Sure, it can be hard to get yourself motivated, but once you’re wet, you’re wet, so embrace it! Running through particularly bad weather has a way of making you feel unbeatable (rain can’t stop me) and especially badass.

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