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Puma Running Shoes For Women

Puma running shoes for women – Since 1986, the well-known company called Puma has been listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Kering, a French luxury group which is formerly known as PPR or Pinault-Printemps-Redoute holds 16% of the share capital. Artemis SA has 29% ownership of the capital.

Former football professional, Bjørn Gulden (CEO) led the company since July 1, 2013. With its more than 13,000 employees around the world, Puma distributes its high-quality products in 120 countries across the globe.

Puma Running Shoes For Women – Puma Ignite Mesh

Puma Running Shoes For Women

The Puma Ignite Mesh is a road running shoe designed for neutral pronators. The shoe features maximum cushioning, flexibility and comfort. It received praises from users but a few are also disappointed. The Ignite mesh needs improvement but others still found the shoe to be a good option for daily training and short runs.

Puma Running Shoes For Women – Puma Ignite v2

Puma Running Shoes For Women

The Puma Ignite v2 gained positive feedback from many reviewers because of its impressive cushioning and the responsiveness of its components. A lot of them wrote that its mechanisms were durable, and that it was generally comfortable. This road shoe became highly recommended for those who need a reliable running companion.

Puma Flexracer

Puma Running Shoes For Women

The name of the Puma Flexracer says it all. It is a minimalist shoe that is highly-flexible and offers plenty of speed for the runner. The comfort is superior with good arch support and decent cushioning for a lightweight trainer.

Puma Running Shoes For Women – Puma Carson 2 X Knit

Puma Running Shoes For Women

The Puma Carson 2 X Knit was well-liked by many of those who have tested it. This neutral shoe’s cool looks, flexible platform, and slip-on construction were lauded for making the performance as convenient as possible. The low price also gained positive feedback. On the other hand, some detractors were unhappy with the apparently flimsy build, width some claiming that the sole unit was easy-to-break.

Puma Carson 2

Puma Running Shoes For Women

With its uncomplicated and no-nonsense design, the Puma Carson 2 was a winner for most of its users. They were happy with its simple features and their capacity to deliver a performance expected from a brand they trust. It touted to satisfy the needs of an everyday runner who isn’t looking for extravagant wear.

Puma Running Shoes For Women – Puma Carson 2 Nature Knit

Most consumers were happy with the Puma Carson 2 Nature Knit. They liked this neutral shoe’s agreeable upper construction, its lightweight build, its flexible underfoot platform, and the appealing design. On the other hand, the measurements used for this neutral shoe were deemed by some to be unreliable.

Puma Mega NRGY Turbo 2

The Puma Mega NRGY Turbo 2 was generally well-received by those who have tested it. People agreed on its lightweight build, the appealing design, the supportive upper unit, and the pleasant underfoot experience. There were complaints about the water-absorbing fabrics, but that’s a concern that can easily be avoided. Overall, this neutral companion for the asphalt was deemed worthy of its predecessor.

Puma Running Shoes For Women – Puma Speed 500 Ignite

Puma’s Speed series gets another boost in the 500 Ignite. As a lightweight trainer that is designed for fast-paced sessions, the runner should also be assured of maximum breathability because of the ultra-open mesh. It offers good arch support, tons of comfort, and versatility that can handle varying distances with ease. The shoe’s solid responsiveness and good looks should make this another great option for those looking for a do-it-all trainer.

Puma NRGY v2

The 2nd version of the Puma NRGY is an update that greatly improves upon its predecessor, from its visual disposition, to the materials used in it. Though a few testers found the traction a bit underwhelming, this neutral shoe is dependable when it comes to going out on regular running sessions and exercises.

Puma Running Shoes For Women – Puma Mega NRGY Turbo

Many users of the Puma Mega NRGY Turbo were satisfied with the shoe’s performance; however, not a lot commented or noticed the technology that was intended to enable a faster running speed. Meanwhile, some consumers were disappointed with the midsole construction and the shoe’s overall fit.

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