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Brooks Levitate Running Shoes

The Brooks Levitate was considered an endearing shoe by many runners because it was able to fulfill the promise of comfort and responsiveness. But some users were not impressed with the shoe’s outsole and hefty weight. Overall, the performance and ride offered by the shoe were well-received.

The Levitate is a new addition to Brooks’ road-running shoe line, with the brand spending seven years to develop its technology. This shoe was designed for neutral pronators. The structure of the shoe is durable enough to use for everyday running and lightweight enough to appeal to beginner runners who are after comfort.

The upper consists of 3D Fit Print and FitKnit, which work together to accommodate the foot as it moves and expands, thus resulting in a natural fit. DNA AMP is a brand-new cushioning system that promises a higher level of energy return – ‘infinite energy,’ to be exact. Meanwhile, the outsole delivers flexibility and a comfortable ride, allowing the runner to move from heel to toe quickly without losing energy.

Brooks Levitate Running Shoes Reasons To Buy

Many runners were satisfied with the bounce brought by the midsole.
The underfoot springiness worked incredibly in maintaining a fluid gait, one reviewer stated.
Some users agreed that the Levitate was great to use for long-distance running.
One wearer observed that there was enough cushioning to maintain a resilient form and a comfortable stride.
Running speed has increased because of the DNA AMP midsole, according to one user.
A tester stated that the bounciness of this product made up for its weighty nature.
A couple of wearers commented that the upper was efficient in giving a secure fit despite it using a soft fabric material.

Brooks Levitate Running Shoes Reasons Not To Buy

Several users noted that the outsole did not grip well on wet and snow-topped roads.
One reviewer thought that the Brooks Levitate did not provide the level of responsiveness it claimed to have.
A couple of testers felt that the heavy weight of the shoe made it challenging to use for numerous running sessions.
A lot of users did not appreciate the narrow toe box, which felt uncomfortable.

Brooks Levitate Running Shoes

Brooks Levitate

Brooks Levitate size and fit – The construction of Brooks Levitate comes with a standard running shoe length. The width profiles are available in medium for both men’s and women’s versions. The structure of the shoe works best for runners with a low to medium-volume foot.

Outsole – The outsole makes use of rubber and features an arrow-point pattern. This design is intended to enable quick movements from the heel to the toe without losing energy, therefore creating an elastic effect. The arrows are pointing towards the toe area to indicate the direction of the heat pressure movement of the foot.

Midsole – Brooks Levitate is the first shoe to feature the DNA AMP midsole from the chemical company BASF. DNA AMP asserts to be the perfect blend of cushioning and energy return, as it uses polyurethane foam wrapped in TPU to capture energy from each foot strike and push it up back to the runner. While it is heavier than EVA, it is also easier to compress and thus more likely to be springy.

The insole is removable and can be replaced by custom inserts for a more personalized fit.

Upper – An integrated FitKnit upper is structured to comfortably accommodate the runner’s foot as it moves and expands, generating a soft and adaptable ride. This technology utilizes a circular-knit process to produce an engineered upper that provides breathability and flexibility where needed.

The overlays are made with the 3D Fit Print technology, which Brooks claims as its revolutionary process with a strategic application to ensure the shoe’s structural integrity while adding elasticity. They possess a thin diagonal design that results in an equal support across the foot.

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