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Brooks Hyperion Running Shoes

The Brooks Hyperion is a versatile running shoe that’s meant to function well on races and on regular running sessions. Its durable construction and flexible design allow it to deliver natural movement and responsive cushioning that lasts. Neutral runners are going to enjoy what this one has to offer.

Performance and comfort are part of the service of the Brooks Hyperion. Responsive cushioning and flexibility are achieved because of a bendable platform and soft upper fabrics. Even the outsole lends itself to the performance of the runner because it’s tuned to be springy, especially during the toe-off phase. It’s a reliable shoe for any activity.

The upper unit of this running shoe utilizes fabrics that are very breathable. Air is permitted to enter constantly in the shoe in order to keep the foot cool and dry. A seamless design allows the foot to be free from irritation, essentially making sockless wearing more agreeable to the runner.

The mid-sole unit uses a mix of two technologies that are very efficient in delivering a resilient but comfortable underfoot experience to the wearer. The foam itself follows the shape of the wearer’s foot when standing on it, so the contoured support that’s received is very custom-molded to the exact needs.

The outsole of the Brooks Hyperion utilizes a rubber material that’s durable enough to responsibly shield the rest of the sole unit from abrasion or wear. It adds more cushioning, as well. Propulsion pods made from this rubber material cause the foot to spring forward when running, essentially encouraging better toe-offs.

Brooks Hyperion Running Shoes Reasons To Buy

  • The upper unit of this running shoe features a stretchable fabric that’s also very breathable.
  • The sock liner that’s included here isn’t very thick, but it adds more cushioning to the immediate underfoot.
  • The upper unit is stitched to the full length cushioning insole board called the Cushsole S-257, and they work together in order to provide a flexible and comfortable running experience.
  • The mid-sole foam has been tuned to follow the needs of the wearer, even conforming to the shape, movement and weight of the foot.
  • Flex grooves enhance the mid-sole unit’s capability to move naturally with the foot.
  • Runners appreciated the propulsion pods on the outsole, which propel the foot forward during the toe off phase.
  • The Brooks Hyperion is very lightweight.

Brooks Hyperion Running Shoes Reasons Not To Buy

  • A few runners thought that this shoe’s platform needed more stability mechanics in order to provide support to those who need it.

Brooks Hyperion Running Shoes

Brooks Hyperion

Brooks Hyperion size and fit – The Hyperion from Brooks has a standard running shoe length. It comes in sizes that adhere to the regular measurements for men and women. The heel, midfoot and forefoot sections have medium widths, so it is able to accommodate the runner with medium sized feet. Its semi-curved shape follows the natural curvature of the human foot.

Outsole – Blown Rubber is the protective layer that functions on the outsole unit of the Brooks Hyperion. It’s durable and protective, yet it’s responsive enough to add more cushioning to the foot. It doesn’t limit the natural movement of the runner, as well. Propulsion Pods are placed in the forefoot area. They are designed to encourage a better forefoot lift because they are springy.

Midsole – The BioMoGo DNA foam unit is a full-length mid-sole material that’s made from the amalgamation of two technologies that are prominent in the Brooks line of shoes. The platform itself cushions the foot well, and it provides contoured support that’s tuned to the exact needs of the wearer.

The Omega Flex Grooves enhance the flexibility of the mid-sole. They allow the foam to follow the natural bending of the foot when performing, making sure that the stride is as natural as possible. The Midfoot Transition Zone assists the foot when it comes to going through the gait cycle. It transitions the foot from the heel to the toe in an easy, but secure way.

Upper – This running shoe utilizes a Perforated Stretch Woven Upper in order to provide a comfortable and breathable coverage. The fabrics allow air to provide a well-ventilated running experience. A seamless fit lets the runner wear this shoe without socks. The inner lining is soft and smooth, so it prevents any irritation from affecting the wearing experience of the runner.

The Race Sock Liner is a layer that adds a bit more cushioning to the runner. It’s not very thick, so it doesn’t affect the overall weight of the shoe or the natural flexibility of the wearer. The upper unit is stitched into the Cushsole S-257, an insole board that’s located above the mid-sole. It essentially enhances the cushioning, flexibility and responsiveness felt by the runner.

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