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Best Skechers Running Shoes

Best Skechers running shoes – Skechers most notable new technology is its Ultra Flight foam cushioning that debuted in 2017, which is found in shoes like the GOrun MaxTrail 5 Ultra and the GOrun MaxRoad 3 Ultra.

This proprietary TPU-based (short for thermoplastic polyurethane) foam is designed to be lighter and bouncier than older foams like EVA, so you get the same level of cushion with less weight and more energy return.

Although not widely known for its max cushion kicks, less than 10 years ago Skechers wasn’t even known for running shoes; The brand’s quick rise in the industry is the reason to expect that its shoes with proprietary Ultra Flight foam will continue to grow in popularity.

As it begins to place this foam in more of its shoes, Skechers will enter the foam wars that have dominated the running-shoe market in recent years.

Skechers has come a long way since the ‘90s, and it has only gotten better at creating shoes for runners. Here are some of our favorites from the brand.

Best Skechers Running Shoes – Skechers GOrun 600

The Skechers GOrun 600 was considered a success. Most runners welcomed its comfortable construction, its stylish looks, and its versatile functionality. There were apparently some issues with this neutral shoe’s durability and its sizing scheme, but those complaints weren’t many. People still lauded this road companion’s efficacy.

Best Skechers Running Shoes – Skechers GOrun Ride 7

Best Skechers Running Shoes

Overall, the Skechers GOrun Ride 7 has made a lot of purchasers happy and contented because of its design and performance. Aside from its construction, the shoe also provides the right amount of cushioning that is needed on a wide variety of paved surfaces. Although several of them have issues with its price and size, others still recommend the Skechers GOrun Ride 7 because of its quality. It is a good option for those who are looking for a breathable, comfortable, responsive and versatile running shoe.

Skechers Flex Appeal 2.0

Best Skechers Running Shoes

The 2nd edition of the Flex Appeal does not get away much from its previous performance and style. It is still a flexible shoe with just enough arch support for quick runs and remains to be a consistent head-turner. For those who are looking for a great blend of functionality and style that will still make the wallet smile, this shoe should be a worthy option.

Best Skechers Running Shoes – Skechers GOrun Forza 2

Best Skechers Running Shoes

Built to offer stability, the Skechers GOrun Forza 2 received generally positive feedback from runners. It received a few criticisms but users believed that there is still room for improvement for the Forza 2. This mid-priced road shoe delivers excellent comfort, a responsive ride and enhanced support, making it agreeable for everyday running, walking and general workouts.

Skechers GOrun 6

Best Skechers Running Shoes

The Skechers GOrun 6 received positive reviews from neutral runners and casual shoe enthusiasts. They welcomed this road shoe’s lightweight nature, its eye-catching color schemes, and satisfying cushioning platform. They also gave praise for its sock-lick cover system. But the collar unit wasn’t as positively received; some testers felt that it hindered the rest of the upper from keeping the foot snug and secure.

Best Skechers Running Shoes – Skechers GOrun Forza 3

Best Skechers Running Shoes

The Skechers GOrun Forza 3 received many positive remarks, particularly with regards to its appealing design, its efficient underfoot platform, and its durability. They also welcomed the stability mechanisms featured in the midsole. Inversely, some people complained of blistering and hardness to the insole.

Skechers GOrun Ultra 2

Best Skechers Running Shoes

The Skechers GOrun Ultra 2 is an impressive and affordable running shoe. It is for runners who are looking for a well-cushioned and responsive ride with decent arch support. The fantastic grip made this shoe ideal for long distance runs and rough surfaces.

Best Skechers Running Shoes – Skechers GOrun 5

Best Skechers Running Shoes

The Skechers GOrun 5 was welcomed by a lot of those who have tried it. They liked its comfortable construction, its colorful design, and its apparently impressive mid-sole foam unit. Casual shoe enthusiasts also enjoyed this running shoe. Inversely, there were complaints about it being a bit narrow and a bit big in terms of the sizing scheme; Traction seemed to be inconsistent, too.

Skechers GOmeb Razor 2

Best Skechers Running Shoes

Many people loved the performance given by the Skechers GOmeb Razor 2. They were happy with its lightweight nature, its reliable cushioning system and its correct sizing scheme. The design also captured their attention. But several runners felt that this neutral shoe had a flimsy tongue and a stiff fabric upper.

Best Skechers Running Shoes – Skechers GOrun MaxTrail 5 Ultra

Best Skechers Running Shoes

Consumers were mostly in agreement when they noted that the Skechers GOrun MaxTrail 5 Ultra offered comfort throughout their adventures on the trails. They noted that the underfoot experience was soft and comfortable and that the upper was flexible and pleasant to the skin. On the other hand, the too-soft midsole and an unsecured upper were points of contention.


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