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Best Running Shoes For Women

Running is one of the few sports where participation among the sexes is roughly equal, yet most reviews tend to focus on running shoes that suit men rather than women. This is pretty crazy, and hopefully this article will help redress the balance by taking a look at ten of the best running shoes for women that are currently on the market.

Now there are many different goals that a woman could be aiming for, and there are women with many different fitness levels, and body shapes. So a list of 10 running shoes that are perfect for all women is going to have to be quite diverse.

This article will attempt to do this, we will look at 10 shoes and asses them on price, style, comfort, durability, breathability, and whether they are suitable for long distance running, short distance running, or any distance. This means that there should be a shoe for everyone, and some people will have different shoes that could suit their needs at different times.

Best Running Shoes For Women #1  Nike Air Max Thea Ultra Flyknit Sneaker

Best Running Shoes For Women

I found these kicks strolling through a boutique in Montreal and walked out with them on my feet. The fit is super lightweight and airy, and while they’re a little hard to get on, they make my foot look slim and narrow. They can also get you through an Orangetheory class.

Best Running Shoes For Women #2 Nike Air Huarache

Best Running Shoes For Women

I get a ton of compliments on the color of these shoes, and love running outdoors in the evening with them on because the lime-green turns into reflectors. They have an awesome snug fit, which is helpful for my high-intensity interval training, but I cross-train in them and even wear them for agility and plyometric training, such as box jumps or ladder drills. I can’t stand shoes that you have to constantly adjust the lace to put on and take off, and these are so easy to get in and out of.

Best Running Shoes For Women #3 Asics GEL-Nimbus 19 Running Shoe

Best Running Shoes For Women

For years, I wore trendy lightweight running sneakers, but last year I started to experience knee pain that couldn’t be explained. After numerous tests, I finally switched to a running sneaker that had more support and better catered to my stride, and voilà — my knee pain completely vanished. The added benefit of these Asics is that they’re super lightweight and flexible, making them perform well in high-intensity training classes where there is a lot of jumping and other activities that put stress on my knees. Although they’re not the best-looking sneakers, my knees feel great, and I’ll take that over style any day.

Best Running Shoes For Women #4 Nike Free RN 2018 Running Shoe

Best Running Shoes For Women

Oddly enough, when I’m not running in the Triumphs these days, I’ve been turning to the extremely pared-down and minimal Nike Free. I’m a little obsessed with Mile High Run Club classes, and I like how light and flexible these are for short sprints and incline intervals. Nike shoes also tend to be a little more fashion-forward than the others, so I like these for travel since they can double up as everyday walking-around shoes, which means one less pair to pack.

Best Running Shoes For Women #5 New Balance 860v8

Best Running Shoes For Women

I came across these incredibly lightweight trainers when I was on a fashion-PR salary, which meant they became my one pair of sneakers that had to work everywhere: at the gym, in cycling classes, and on hikes. I now wear them on my frantic trips between my office and the yoga studio. They’re hardly in style, but they still have enough sturdiness and shock absorption to support my busy city life (and tired arches).

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