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Best Running Shoes For Walking

Best Running Shoes For Walking – Walking is an extremely underrated form of exercise. Walking should be considered just as much of an exercise as running or jogging since it has it’s own benefits and advantages over running or jogging. There are clear differences between people who go for a walk daily and those who don’t.

Walking can improve circulation, reduce body fat, support your joints, strengthen your muscles, keep you sharp throughout the day and even reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease!

Due to the fact that most avid walkers themselves often wear running shoes instead of walking shoes since they don’t know the basic differences between the two, manufacturers put in much thought into running shoes and have walking shoes only there for the sake of market placement. This article is your ultimate buyers guide into women’s walking shoes for 2019.

Best Running Shoes For Walking – Skechers GoRun Ride 7

Best Running Shoes For Walking

Overall, the Skechers GOrun Ride 7 has made a lot of purchasers happy and contented because of its design and performance. Aside from its construction, the shoe also provides the right amount of cushioning that is needed on a wide variety of paved surfaces.

Although several of them have issues with its price and size, others still recommend the Skechers GOrun Ride 7 because of its quality. It is a good option for those who are looking for a breathable, comfortable, responsive and versatile running shoe.

Best Running Shoes For Walking – Nike Epic React Flyknit

Best Running Shoes For Walking

The Nike Epic React Flyknit seemed to be a successful release, but not quite. Although many runners praised the shoe’s comfort level, durability, and weight, there were some who were dissatisfied with the fit and support.

In terms of performance, the shoe received both raves and rants. Thus, it could be said that the Epic React Flyknit is an average running shoe; not perfect, but worth a try and worth the investment.

Best Running Shoes For Walking – Nike Free RN 2018 Flyknit

Best Running Shoes For Walking

Overall, many runners were satisfied and happy with the Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018’s design and lightweight structure. Aside from its design and construction, they lauded the few changes that were made from the previous models.

Although some runners have issues with its size and price, others still recommended the Nike Free Flyknit 2018 because of its quality and cushioning. It’s the best option for those who are looking for a versatile running shoe.

Best Running Shoes For Walking – New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V8

Best Running Shoes For Walking

Although there were many positive reviews, it is worth noting that the negative comments received by the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v8 were likewise significant. Users have praised the shoe’s comfortable cushioning and flexible fit.

On the other hand, there were criticisms regarding the midsole technology, as well as the price and weight. In summary, this shoe was neither a hit nor a miss, and a compatible fit would be relative to the wearer.

Best Running Shoes For Walking – Brooks Glycerin 15

Best Running Shoes For Walking

Lighter than ever, the Brooks Glycerin 15 is the most awaited updated of the Glycerin 14. It’s a neutral road running shoe equipped with premium comfort and fit. It can be a reliable companion when doing short runs or light workouts.

Best Running Shoes For Walking – Brooks Ghost 10

Best Running Shoes For Walking

The Brooks Ghost 10 is a neutral road running shoe that delivers both comfort and performance. It’s an ideal shoe for light training, tempo runs, long runs, and everyday use. Possessing minor yet significant updates from its predecessor, it brings runners a more cushioned, smoother, and adaptive ride.

Best Running Shoes For Walking – adidas Ultra Boost ATR

Best Running Shoes For Walking

Many runners were able to enjoy the Adidas Ultra Boost ATR. They felt that it was efficient as a long-distance running shoe and as a casual alternative for those regular days.

They were also receptive of its design and its overall aesthetics. Its various components and features were admired, as well. There were a few gripes, but this trail shoe still became a popular one.

Best Running Shoes For Walking – New Balance 560 v6

Best Running Shoes For Walking

The 560 v6 from New Balance is actually a beloved running shoe because it can function well for many testers, even for those who need some support in the mid-foot area. The cushioning is balanced, the durability is top-notch, and the overall quality of the shoe stands out.

Best Running Shoes For Walking – Saucony Peregrine 8

Best Running Shoes For Walking

The response for the Saucony Peregrine 8 is mixed. It is true that more than several people were happy with the underfoot platform, the outsole configuration, and the well-ventilated upper. But a lot of people had some gripes with this trail running shoe, as well.

They felt that it was too narrow for their liking. They also had something to say about its limited color schemes, the unfortunate removal of the rock plate, and the hefty weight. It’s a conflict-ridden update for a well-known series.

Best Running Shoes For Walking – Asics Gel Kinsei 6

Best Running Shoes For Walking

One of Asics’s most expensive and newest lines goes all out where cushioning and comfort are concerned. A substantial price point, despite the high-quality materials used and its weight, limit the appeal of the Asics Kinsei 6.

This shoe is tailor-made for middle of the pack runners who are just looking to keep themselves fit or as an everyday training workhorse as the decent arch support and unbelievable comfort will make running more fun.

Best Running Shoes For Walking

Difference between walking shoes and running shoes. The difference is all in how it feels when you put it on. A walker walks heel first as opposed to a runner who runs in-sole first.

Keep in mind the fact that manufacturers put more thought into running shoes than they do in walking shoes, so what might seem the same to you might actually make a huge difference to you when you walk in them.

Walking shoes are usually light weight and more flexible as compared to slightly heavier and non-flexible running shoes.

What to look for in a walking shoe

Flexible and light weight: 

In this case, you need to make sure that whichever shoe you picked is both flexible and light weight. A good walking shoe would weigh between 10-32 ounces. The reason why you would need a light weight shoe is because it’s easier to move around in them on any surface. Same is the case with flexibility.

What to look for in walking shoes. | Women’s walking shoes #gifts #shoes #womensshoes
A good way to check whether the shoe is too flexible or just the right amount, is to try twisting the shoe at the sole. If it twists to a certain degree without twisting completely, then it’s at the right amount.

Breathable but with a good fit: 

Try walking around for about 30 minutes before trying the shoes on. What this does is make your foot a bit swollen. When you wear the shoe, you can determine whether it’ll fit perfectly after a long walk or will it be too tight. Your shoes don’t have to be too fitted, however.

Make sure that there’s an almost 1.3 centimeter space left between your toes and the tip of the shoe. The sides don’t have to be too tight to the point of hurting you, however, they can’t be too loose to the point where your foot falls off either.


Your heel tends to touch the ground first when you’re walking, so you would need shoes which lay flat. However, as I’m pretty sure you know, no athletic shoe is completely flat. This is referred to as the heel drop measurement. The difference in heights can be from 10-30 millimeters based on whichever design you pick.

I’d strongly recommend buying shoes with a heel drop measurement of 0-10 millimeters. If your heel is way higher than your toes, then you’ll be creating more pressure there and as a result, blisters will form on your toes.


All walking shoes have some sort of padding inside of them. The padding can make a huge difference id you’re keen on comfort, as you should be. It’s usually the padding which saves your foot from bruises, blisters or from poking your feet at rocky surfaces.

Look for a shoe with soft padding, it doesn’t matter if it looks less in comparison to another shoe, what matters is the comfort.


A good women’s walking shoe is one which doesn’t put too much strain on your wallet. Trust me, a good choice for you with all the necessities I just mentioned is possible to buy in a specific price limit. Somewhere along $60-$120.

Looking at arch types: 

Our feet are able to form two types of arches for body weight distribution: side-ways and longitudinal. Sideways arches run from one corner of the insole to the other and longitudinal arches run from the bottom part of the insole till the top of your heel. If you’re looking for the perfect walking shoes, then you need to determine your arch type first.

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