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Best Running Shoes For Beginners

Best running shoes for beginners – People begin road running for a variety of reasons. For example, we’ve dispensed footwear advice to readers who were focused exclusively on cross-country or tracks and wanted to get into road running. At times, road running under certain external conditions such as unsuitable climate (extreme snow) or infrastructure (lack of roads) might not be feasible. So once a person relocates to an area with (more) conducive conditions, he or she might begin road running.

Some first-timers decide to go road running as a variation of their favorite athletic activity like biking or swimming. And in a large majority of cases, keeping fit is a powerful motivation for taking up running. So far, so good. Road running is a gift; it doesn’t take an expensive gym membership or fancy equipment. All you need is some apparel and a good pair of running shoes.

This is where it can get a bit tricky. With no footwear history to guide you, buying your first pair of running shoes can be a daunting task. Some people get a super-expensive running shoe, with the misplaced notion that a higher price equates to a better product.

Once you breach the $100 retail price barrier, running shoes are more or less the same in the matters of everyday performance. Instead of getting yourself the most expensive product, you should find a shoe which serves as a good starting point. Your first road running shoe should be all about finding the middle ground first and then building on that foundational experience.

Your footwear taste will evolve once you’re past a few hundred miles. Your capacity and distance will improve with time, and so will your shoe rotation. Over time, you’ll come to know whether you need a softer or firmer shoe, lighter or heavier, snugger or looser, and other things like your preference of heel drops.

Buying a running shoe isn’t as simple as choosing the size and color you like. There are distinctly different types of running shoes based on the size and shape of your foot, as well as the way you run. Look at different options depending on where you run, whether it be a trail in the woods or down a paved road.

The first step to buying a shoe is finding the right fit. You might have to try on a host of different shoes by different brands before you find the right one. Each running shoe company makes the molds for their running shoes from only a handful of foot models, and there’s a good chance that your foot doesn’t fit a certain company’s model.

When you put a new shoe on and lace it up, the first thing you should feel for is a locked-in heel. There shouldn’t be any space around your heel and it shouldn’t move in the shoe when you walk or run.

The width of the shoe is important since feet come in all shapes and sizes. There shouldn’t be too much room in the front of the shoe but you also shouldn’t feel it pressing against your toes. Look for a little bit of room between your big toe and the end of the shoe because your foot will swell up slightly when you run. You might have to go up a size from your street shoes.

Since so many nuances to shoe selection exist, it’s best to get your first pair of running shoes from a specialist at a shoe store who can look at your foot and even watch you run to get an idea of the best shoe for you. If the shoe store isn’t for you, try out some of these highly-rated running shoes:

Best Running Shoes For Beginners – Brooks Ghost 9

Best Running Shoes For Beginners

The Ghost 9 is sturdy, reliable, and versatile trainer that seamlessly provides the needs of runners looking for a tempo trainer or a well-cushioned version that can take on the poundings of a daily run. It has a superb arch support and quite responsive for a shoe with more than sufficient cushioning. The reasonable price tag is another reason to grab a pair of this very popular shoe from Brooks.

Best Running Shoes For Beginners – Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

Best Running Shoes For Beginners

The long-standing Pegasus line continues to dazzle, even in its 33rd coming. With several additions in tow, the fit and performance have generally made a good impression on runners of different levels. The shoe offers unbelievable comfort, good arch support, excellent breathability, solid traction, a must-have versatility and a head-turner for looks. At a very reasonable price, runners should have a winner in their feet that mixes style and performance that few can match.

Best Running Shoes For Beginners – New Balance 1340

Best Running Shoes For Beginners

Overall, the response for the New Balance 1340 v3 was mixed. While many runners enjoyed this stability shoe’s agreeable fit, comfortable platform, and easy-to-secure shoelaces, others criticized its build-quality and its weight. Some people also believed that the in-shoe experience was stiff. When it received praise, the 1340 v3 was painted in grace, but when it was panned, it seemed an entirely different shoe. Suffice it to say that to try it out first before purchasing would be a wise decision.

Best Running Shoes For Beginners – Asics Foundation 12

Best Running Shoes For Beginners

The Asics Gel Foundation 12 is a motion control shoe that gives responsible cushioning. The layered stability and full guidance system help runners experience a smoother ride. This shoe is best for both short and long running sessions.

Best Running Shoes For Beginners – Brooks Levitate 2

Best Running Shoes For Beginners

Many users of the Brooks Levitate 2 were impressed with the shoe – numerous praises were made regarding the noticeable improvements, while the fit and performance of the shoe were consistently well-regarded. Although there were some criticisms about the Levitate 2’s weight and in-shoe environment, the majority still concluded that the shoe was a worthy purchase.

Best Running Shoes For Beginners – Saucony Stabil CS3

Best Running Shoes For Beginners

The Stabil CS 3 from Saucony is a running shoe that offers maximum stability and control for those who need additional comfort and support. Its durable and dependable components make it a long-lasting part of anyone’s athletic gear.

Best Running Shoes For Beginners – Adidas Ultraboost Clima

Best Running Shoes For Beginners

The Adidas Ultraboost Clima was generally well-received for its comfortable design, appealing looks, and lightweight construction. Moreover, the underfoot cushioning system received praise for its capacity to deliver responsive performance. But this neutral shoe had its detractors, with some consumers complaining of inconsistent sizing and fabric-tearing.

Best Running Shoes For Beginners – ASICS Gel-Fortitude 7

Best Running Shoes For Beginners

The Gel Fortitude series finds a unique place in the hearts of neutral runners with flat feet. With better ground feedback, tons of comfort, and unbelievable overpronation measures, runners with flat arches, inflexible feet, or fallen arches are on their way to more fun on the road in the Fortitude 7.

Best Running Shoes For Beginners – Reebok OSR Distance 3.0

Best Running Shoes For Beginners

While it seemed that the OSR Distance 3.0 was an in-demand shoe for the consumers, there were mixed reviews about it. The comfort level and cushioning of the shoe proved to be unparalleled, according to some. However, issues about structure were apparent to others. To sum up, many users felt that a lot still needs to be improved with this running gear.

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