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Adidas Ultra Boost ATR Running Shoes

Many runners were able to enjoy the Adidas Ultra Boost ATR. They felt that it was efficient as a long-distance running shoe and as a casual alternative for those regular days. They were also receptive of its design and its overall aesthetics. Its various components and features were admired, as well. There were a few gripes, but this trail shoe still became a popular one.

The Adidas Ultra Boost ATR is a trail running shoe that’s meant for those who have a neutral gait. It features a set of technologies that are meant to help the wearer traverse the off-road paths with ease and comfort. A casual look allows it to be used anytime and anywhere.

The upper unit of this running shoe uses the Primeknit. It’s a soft fabric that’s likened to woven cloth. Its purpose is to wrap around the foot comfortably while also ensuring breathability. A fit cage made of TPU helps to keep the foot in place. A proprietary cushioning technology is used for the mid-sole unit of the Adidas Ultra Boost ATR.

It has a springy nature and it attenuates the impact shock generated with every step. The midfoot section even has some extra support via the inclusion of the TORSION® SYSTEM. The outsole features gripping lugs, which help the runner to traverse the trails with ease. They’re not very aggressive, but they’re able to grip the ground well.

Adidas Ultra Boost ATR Running Shoes Reasons To Buy

  • Comfortable’ was a word that was used frequently to describe the Adidas Ultra Boost ATR.
  • This shoe looked visually appealing, many runners commented.
  • Some consumers were able to use this shoe casually, and they wrote that it remained agreeable.
  • The waterline layer in the bottom part of the mesh fabric gained positive remarks because it efficiently staved off the water.
  • The general durability of this shoe received praise.
  • Runners were receptive of the boost™ cushioning system, stating that’s a responsive platform to rest their feet upon.
  • There were consumers who reported that the protective forefoot section of the shoe saved toes from being hit by debris.
  • The testers felt that the Adidas Ultra Boost ATR was efficient for running long distances.

Adidas Ultra Boost ATR Running Shoes Reasons Not To Buy

  • This shoe was ½ a size smaller than what some runners were used to.
  • A tester commented that the Primeknit fabric was woven poorly and that it came loose easily.
  • The outsole didn’t hold onto wet surfaces well, a consumer reported.

Adidas Ultra Boost ATR Running Shoes

Adidas Ultra Boost ATR

Adidas Ultra Boost ATR size and fit – Standard sizing schemes were used in the making of the Adidas Ultra Boost ATR. Runners can get the regular measurements that they’re used to. The available width for the men and women’s versions is medium.

Outsole – The outsole unit of the Adidas Ultra Boost ATR features Continental™ rubber. This material is a durable one and it’s meant to protect the rest of the sole unit from the abrasive nature of the trails. It also delivers traction, which is important for traversal.

STRETCHWEB is a design that allows the platform to be more flexible. It employs a webbed pattern that doesn’t restrict the potential of the mid-sole to adhere to the movements of the wearer’s foot.

Midsole – The boost™ is the foam technology that’s used for the Adidas Ultra Boost ATR. This full-length foam material is made from the amalgamation of thousands of TPU pellets. It provides a springy and responsive ride.

Placed in the middle of the platform is the TORSION® SYSTEM. It acts as a foundation, so that the foot would remain steady throughout the running experience.

Upper – Primeknit is the main fabric of the Adidas Ultra Boost ATR. This cloth-like material covers the foot securely and comfortably. It even encourages air to naturally enter the shoe in order to keep the interior as cool and dry as possible.

TPU fit cages are added to the medial and lateral sections of the upper. They help in locking the foot in place and preventing it from wobbling inside the foot-chamber.

A Waterline Layer is a printed overlay that’s resistant to water. Placed in the bottom part of the upper unit, it acts as a barrier against water-infiltration.

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